Padubidri government high school in a state of disrepair

11:57 AM, Monday, July 16th, 2018

padubidriPadubidri: What if the situation of a school that is supposed to support education is itself in a state of disrepair? This is the sad state of the Padubidri government high school. There are cracks on its walls and the aluminium frame of the window has long been lost. The glasses on the windows have shattered and have remained so due to lack of maintenance.

The new classrooms were constructed in 2014 and within 5 years, the walls have developed cracks. There are big cracks near the window and is the cause for fear during heavy rains. Also, the frame of one of the windows has gone missing and the possibility of the frame of the other window getting stolen is very high.

The lack of maintenance of the school building is quite visible with the building being encroached by algae. Moreover, there is an outgrowth of plants and weed in the premises of the school itself. Since no importance has been given for maintenance, the school building appears to be quite old.

The cracks on the wall, windows in the state of disrepair have remained unnoticed

When SDMC president Y.Sukumar was asked about this issue he replied that the cracks on the wall amd the state of disrepair of the windows and doors have not come to his notice. The school premises were painted at the cost Rs. 10 lakhs this time. The floors of the library and computer room have been replaced with tiles and also the toilet and headmaster’s room have been repaired along with other works.

GP member Sashikant Padubidri has provided grant for installing interlocks on the space between the new classroom and primary school which is currently covered by grass, he informed.

“It is the responsibility of the headmaster to give first importance to cleanliness. The issue with the school building does not come within our jurisdiction. This has been created by the Panchayat Raj Engineering Division and they must answer for it,” said Education Department Deputy Director.

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