Palemar on the precipice of politics ?

8:16 PM, Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
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Mangalore : Is Krishna Palemar on the brink of quitting the state govt. as DK minister of Ports and Ecology ?
He has declared in the Assembly that he would take to policital renunciation (Sannyas) if the allegations against him are proved to the lift. He is at the centre of a storm in Bangalore.
Palemar wrote a letter to CM asking for the suspension of R. Gokul, a forest officer of NK who was backed up by Lokayukta personnel to seize 8 lakhs tones of illicit iron ore mined in Bellary and sent to Belekeri last week, and Gokul did just that. But the godowns where the seized goods were kept were opened clandestinely by some shipping agencies, which exported over 5 tons of this ore costing Rs. 250 crores or more, in a stealthy manner ! Palemar called 2 meetings as Ports minister in Karwar but Gokul did not attend. Palemar has cast aspersions on Gokul that he was a party to unauthorized exports of missing iron ore in the godowns. Lokayukta Hegde cited him as prime reason for his own resignation letter.
Palemar is in hot waters now, trying to wriggle out when Home Minister   Dr. Acharya is trying to soften the Lokayukta case.


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