Palemar walks on Mangalore roads and the officials follow him in a meeting.

6:01 PM, Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
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Mangalore: An Emergency meeting held on Monday by DK Minister for Ecology and Roads, J. Krishna Palemar, took the senior officials of DK dt, in a meeting to walk on those damaged and deteriorated roads mentally, literally speaking. He discussed the problems created by pathetic conditions of roads in and around the port city in detail.
Instead of doing some patch-work with mud and stones it was decided to fill up the pot holes properly (?) and that fresh asphaltation be taken up all over the city roads immediately.
After this crucial meeting when monsoon was almost ending, DC Ponnuraj met reporters to tell that urgent measures would be taken to arrest the damage done to city roads by nature and heavy traffic movements in city.
The DC brought in the aspect of implementing the Global positioning system (GPS) on sand carriers and illegal transport vehicles. The truck owners had fallen apart in 2 groups on this issue and a meeting called on Sept. 20 next has to end the stalemate on sand-mining and transportation matters, V. Ponnuraj stated.


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