Paperazzi in a tiff with Police: CM intervenes and apologizes.

5:47 PM, Monday, August 23rd, 2010
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Mangalore: On Monday, CM Yeddyurappa had a busy day with continuous travel and programmes all over the coastal city once he arrived in Kenjaru this morning.
But two constables and a Kannada news channel reporter got in to arguments at the air terminal as Bajpe station PSI Shyamsunder had issued his instructions to the policemen not to allow pressmen to follow the CM in their own (press) vehicles, as he left the airport to Bondel to lay the foundation stone for a Rangabhavan (Drama auditorium) to be built there. Other reporters were incensed against the city police who stopped them from following CM’s car and boycotted CM’s engagements in city.

CM was informed of the incident at Mallikatta in Kadri during MESCOM office inauguration there. CM then suspended his programmes and returned to Circuit House on Kadri  hills. He told those around him that he would attend programmes only if pressmen joined him in the engagements.

The journalists were staging a protest at the airport with a vehicle to ferry them to follow the convoy of CM. Soon DC Ponnuraj, city PC Seemant Singh, and MLC Ganesh Karnik, among others rushed there and requested them to halt the protest, and to visit the Circuit House where CM apologized to them for the confusion. CM then ordered the SI to be relieved of his duties, so Shyamsunder went home.
CM asked the reporters to follow him in a Volvo vehicle for all the scheduled programmes thereafter held to day. All is well that ends well.


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