Parents kills child and tell a false story: Thrown into prison

1:10 PM, Friday, December 16th, 2011

Sushant-DeathKarwar: Why should parents kill their child and find a reason later?  In a devastating incident in Karar, a drunken couple killed their 3-year old child because it was wailing at night, and disturbing their sleep!

This happened on Monday night (Dec 12), and Sushant is the child who created noise and invited his death.

Annoyed by his steady crying and unable to pacify him, Sushant was beaten by his parents, Hema and Chandru and banged on the floor. He died thereafter.

Sushant-MotherNeighbours realized what had taken place only next morning. They caught hold of the Kurubar couple and beat them up, before handing them to the local police.

The couple made out a false story that someone else had killed the boy of 3, but police locked them up disbelieving their nonsense.

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