Personal effects of the May 22 crash dead recovered from the debris.

7:38 PM, Friday, July 9th, 2010
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Mangalore : Last May 22 air crash in Bajpe forests left a huge debris untouched for a month. Some golden and valuable ornaments were stolen by a gang of 3, only one of whom was arrested and many ornaments were recovered. Cash could never be retrieved when dead bodies remained scattered or charred, and all cash in purses, hand bags and suitcases must have vanished. But certain personal belongings could be still recovered by a disaster managing agency while lifting, shifting and separating the debris, of they did not burn out or get damaged beyond use.

The Air India authorities claim to have identified the personal effects of 40 dead passengers. Rightful claimants could get them back in an organised process from the air line. Some effects of a survivor from Puttur in the crash, Ismail Abdulla were also identified. The recovered items of 45 others were cleaned, disinfected and sorted out. Kenyon International of USA representatives have taken up this work, according to Aby George of AI, a PRO now in Mangalore.

The rightful claimants have already received interim relief from 3 sources Rs.10 lakhs from AI, Rs 2 lakhs from PM, and in some local cases only, Rs 2 lakhs from CM of Karnataka through DCs and Tahsildars. They are entitled to get the personal items lift by the dead, but in good condition. Unidentified materials are photographed and documented for genuine claims of a later date, Aby stated.


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