PFI in the docks: The state has definite proof of PFI contacts with terrorists.

9:06 PM, Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
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Udupi: Pakistan was described on Indian soil by the visiting Tory Premier (of Britain) as “Terrorism exporting “country, while Pakistan promptly denied and appeared aggrieved. It is only India that has absorbed the terrorist shocks sent out by Pakistan. Other nations who faced terrorist violence of Osama bin Laden, Let and Al-Qaida etc, which were not Pakistan-exported but from Talibans in Afghanistan and North-Western forest region. Who are the terrorists in India?
They are among Muslim areas of India, certain unpatriotic, anti-national and Muslim or Quran – obsessed outfits who received funds from Pakistan (ISI) and other Muslim sources in Gulf in the name of Islam (peace) who do national harm to India and live like blood-sucking pests here in Kerala or Karnataka. The Popular Front of India based in 2 states is one of them. If it is popular, it should be in Maharastra and Gujerat as well. It is a dangerous and armed Organisation of a few upstarts.
In recent months they have developed contacts with Pak terrorists through telecommunicative and other ways, and pretending to serve minorities (only Muslim, not Christians or Lingayats) in India. They assume positions unheard of among Hindus, of protecting a nation or being a popular outfit. They can only be weighed in with some Bajarangis or Rama Sainiks, if not with Shiv Sena or VHP.
But the Karnataka Govt has clear proof of their terrorist links financially and in drawing up programmes interfering with Independence Day, or the Republic Day in their own fashion. Now that they wanted to hold rallies in Udupi and Mysore on Aug.15, the agile BJP govt refused permission to PFI to hold its wolfish celebrations (wolf in the garb of a goat).
Its true colours were immediately exposed when Police refused permission and they (PFI) went to High Court with a writ petition, dragging the state govt to the court as well. The govt has submitted its own objections to PFI public shows to the court. The enquiry has been postponed in the Court. PFI is neither popular nor a democratic front, but a Muslim facade for terror.


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