Pilot Z. Glusica held responsible for Bajpe air crash (May 22).

6:14 PM, Thursday, September 9th, 2010
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Mangalore: The Bajpe (Mangalore) airport has a tabletop runway with steep cliffs down the way on all sides. It was here on a black Saturday, on May 22, that a Boeing ran out into the forest bowl at the end, and caught fire, broke a wing and 158 souls (6 crew) were lost.

Everyone knew that the chief Pilot (Zlatko Glusica) made the blunder of putting down the aircraft beyond first half of the runway and tried to raise it at the Zenith and crashed, against the will of the co-pilot, (Ahluwalia) who fell off his seat in the fall of the aircraft, into a gorge, None survived.
But 4 months later, a detailed investigation report has confirmed this point. The foreign pilot (a Ukrainian from Britain) did not heed to the ground officer’s directions, nor agreed to co-pilot Ahluwalia’s point of view, and brought the horrible end upon himself sitting in the cockpit. The landing was incorrect in alignment with runway, the report said.


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