PM Singh addresses CMs on national problems

6:57 PM, Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
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Prime Minister Manmohan SinghNew Delhi : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated here while inaugurating the Chief Ministers’
conference on internal security that left-wing extremism, cross-border terrorism, and religious fundamentalism posed threats to a peace-loving nation such as ours. There has to be constant vigil against them while any group aspires for better days and further achievements, and the government is ready to consider peoples’ aspirations and protect them.
It was the 4th conference of CMs from various states held in the capital.
While aspiring for various diverse forms of achievements and goals, people must go about their desires in a spirit of oneness and in peaceful ways, PM added.
He found that in 2010 (last year) the number of violent incidents had declined, but Maoist attacks had raised casualties later on.
About 6 states like Bihar, Orissa and Chattisgargh violent incidents occurred causing serious concern. The Centre and states have to co-ordinate resources and responses (by security forces) to combat such violence, Singh informed the Chief Ministers at the review meeting.
60 select tribal areas and backward districts were taken up for upliftment to contain extremism and rebellion. The P.M. was satisfied with the national response in a mature way to the verdict on Ram Janma Bhoomi case after long years in hibernation. There were no flare-ups on the communal issue, he was pleased to say.
The situation in Jammu-Kashmir also got better with interlocutors in contact with people and an ebbing of street violence. The Centre and state announced an 8-point programme of recovery and restraint, which went well with the local people, Singh told the CMs.


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