Police nabbed temple thieves after six months

7:40 AM, Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Bhushan G BoraseMangaluru: Bhushan G Borase, Dakshina Kannada Superintendant of police informed that police have nabbed five thieves who were involved in temple theft in the city six months before.

Chandrakanth Poojary (36) of Honnavar, Narasimharaju AKA Basavraju (38) of Bengaluru, Naaveen Chandra Bhan Singh (21) from Maharashtra, Vijay Suresh Bhonsle (35) from Maharashta and Vishal Ponke (21) from Maharashtra are the arrested persons. One of the thieves has lost his life in a fatal car accident which took place on Bengaluru. Prakash Mandya is the thief who died in the car accident. It was his first ever theft.

Police have recovered 75 grams of gold along with 22 KG of silver and the value of recovered items is estimated as Rs 12.5 lakh. Borase also said that the team has robbed nearly ten temples here in the district. They used to examine the temple area first and during night time, when there is no one around, they used loot the temple.

“Maharashtra and Bengaluru police co-operated well with Mangaluru police. The jewellery shop owner where the jewelry has been disposed also co-operated well with us,” he said.

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