Popular Front of Kerala or Unpatriotic Muslim outfit?

9:25 PM, Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
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Mangalore : The Kasaragod district police went round several areas of Malabar including Kasaragod, Kannur and other towns on Tuesday (July 13) in search of members of an unpatriotic Muslim outfit called Popular Front, whatever that means, after two miscreants of this violent outfit had cut the palm of lecturer K.T. Joseph for some references made by him to prophet Mohammed in a question paper set by him. Police raided 4 offices of PF in Kasaragod and seized several documents, computers, CDs and native crude bombs. In Kannur and Talashery.

The police were surprised to see a haul of arms and ammunition, axes and long knives, along with bombs in large measure, ready for a rebellion against society and the state. The PF committee office at Wayanad also was raided. The Kerala police have torn open the dirty criminal face of this popular front which does not stand for peaceful revolutions and state development including Islamic society.


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