Power theft : 2 flour mills caught red – handed

7:36 PM, Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
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Bangalore : Two power theft cases have been detected on June 26 during an incessant drive against metre-dodging and power stealing activities in the state by business companies. Pilferage of power and misuse of meters by tampering them has been a bane in industrial areas in many districts.
The operating and maintenance personnel of Gescom (in Gulbarga) chanced upon a flour mill at Halli Salgar Village of Aland taluk engaged in power theft by a process of by-passing power meter installed. A criminal case was filed against the owner, who was fined Rs. 1,31,705, a press release in formed.
Another penalty of RS. 94,814 was imposed on another flour mill in Keri Ambalaga in the same area by the same staff for tampering of power meter security seals and manipulating the meter readings. The owner is facing a criminal case now in the court of law, the press note added.


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