Pre-booking facility for passengers at Mangaluru International Airport

10:20 PM, Saturday, December 11th, 2021

adani AirportMangaluru :  The Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) has commenced the pre-booking facility for passengers who need to undergo RTPCR test. RT-PCR, rapid RT-PCR testing facility has been arranged in the pre-immigration arrival hall. Similar rapid RT-PCR testing facility is also available in the departure area.

The pre-booking link takes users to the Covid-19 page of Mangaluru International Airport which provides Covid-19 information, has Covid-19 gallery, helpline numbers and Covid-19 FAQs that passengers arriving at MIA need for mandatory compliance. This is an additional value-added service that Mangaluru International Airport is providing for the passengers.

This will be particularly useful for passengers arriving from the at-risk countries who can now book the test beforehand and proceed to undergo the same on arrival. Dedicated testing counter has been set up for passengers who pre-book their RT-PCR or rapid RT-PCR test and will save time otherwise taken for registration.

Mangaluru International Airport has also set up waiting area sufficient for 92 passengers, six registrations counters and two sampling booths, including 70 Rapid RT-PCR machines. MIA also made available adequate waiting area for accommodating 92 passengers equipped with washrooms, food and beverage facilities, Wi-Fi and foreign exchange service.

Dedicated passenger service executives are available in this area to assist the passengers. Stringent sanitizing at regular intervals and deep cleaning are being conducted, at the areas where testing and seating arrangement has been made for passengers at arrivals. MIA has enhanced safety and convenience measures to handle international arrivals efficiently and safely.

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