Protest Rally by SFI / DYFI and K.P Raitha Sangha members hold at DCO today.

10:15 PM, Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
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Mangalore: Members of CITU, SFI, DYFI, state Raitha Sangha and Ladies’ wings held a protest rally in pouring rains this evening, at the gates of DCO in city, to criticize illegal iron ore mining and anti farmer activities of BJP rulers in many ways.

K.R. Shriyan of DYFI in his address at the rally confirmed that the people of Karnataka had faith in the office of Lokayukta (Justice N.S. Hegde), but not in BJP rule under CM Bookanakere Yeddyurappa who allowed multi forms of corruption, illicit mining and wealth making processes, and similar other malpractices to flourish under his care. People must accept these facts. How can a govt, protect illegal miners and make them revenue or tourism Ministers? He asked. The govt, is taking action against those who oppose illicit mining and clandestine wealth making habits, he pointed out.

Farmers have been involved in false court cases, and such cases against the fighting farmers should be withdrawn, and they should be released from prisons, Shriyan maintained.
Munir Katipalla of DYFI in his speech stated that CM in one of his public engagements in the city spoke of resignation, but he was taking the state everyday on the path of a downfall. He told his listeners that illegal mining was not limited to Bellary district only, but has spread in all parts of the state. There are sand miners in DK, who carry sand to Kerala. The BJP rulers find fault with protesting persons as if protesting was illegal, he pointed out. All those in jail today should be released with honour and sent home after their protests, he added.
Krishnappa Konchady, Yadava Shetty, Padmavathy Shetty and many others participated in the rain-drenched protest today.


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