Protest rally conducted by Tulunadu Sena against the doctor causing Murali’s death.

7:26 PM, Thursday, August 12th, 2010
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Mangalore: Murali (46) died on the operation table during surgery for a stomach ailment last week.
He was admitted to Fr.Muller’s hospital in Kankanady on June 11 to remove a growth in the stomach, due to which he suffered pains.

Dr. Rajesh Chidambar attended to this patient for surgery four times. But in view of the negligence of the doctor, the stomach part got swollen and broke up once. The doctor did not provide information on this happening but charged Rs 2.50 lakhs in the bill for an incomplete / useless surgery.

The patient was shifted to Unity Hospital in Falnir (Mangalore city) from Kankanady. Here again, the treatment did not succeed, and the patient died today (Aug 12), leaving a medical bill from the Unity Health Centre for Rs. 8 lakhs unpaid.
It is then that Tulunadu Rakshana Front Sena made its presence to fight his case. Murali is from Kannur, Kerala.

The Sena demanded suspension from medical service of Dr. Rajesh C, who was instrumental in the death of Murali, by negligence.
The Tulunadu Front led by Yogish Shetty has asked the Muller’s administration to punish the doctor who caused the death.
The deceased leaves a boy and a girl at his native place in Kerala. His wife looked after the home by running a water tanker business in his absence, family sources said.
The family has undergone a loan of Rs 11 lakh on medical bills. The Tulunadu Front Sena has warned the Kankanady Hospital, if suitable action is not taken against the erring doctor, severe protests will be done in public by the T. R. Vedike.


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