Public should not violate traffic rules and regulations : Udupi SP

9:13 PM, Friday, July 12th, 2019

Nisha James Udupi:  Public should not violate traffic rules and regulations for their convenience. Hence, people should follow rules for their safety,” advised Superintendent of Police Nisha James speaking at the weekly phone-in-programme at the SP office on Friday, July 12.

“Around 16,258 cases have been registered under violation of Indian Motor Vehicles Act. The traffic police department conducted two week special drive on various issues. As many as 100 cases are registered on goods and service vehicles. As many as 51 cases have been registered on school vehicles. Other cases registered are on use of mobile phone while driving, over speed, no parking and driving without helmet,” informed the SP.

“A special drive will begin by next week to control wrong side vehicle driving on national highway, checking silencer and examining vehicle insurance. For these things, a targeted action will be taken soon, SP said.

“As many as 23 persons were arrested in 23 matka cases. Eight cases are registered under gambling and 60 were arrested. Two persons were arrested in cases relating to excise department. 19 were arrested under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and 108 cases were booked under COTPA.”

“If anyone violates IMV act, their driving license will be suspended for three months or will be cancelled with heavy fines. As many as six children can be carried in an auto rickshaw at a time, who are under 12 years of age.”

“Today we are imposing heavy fine, which is ten times more than earlier amount against violation of IMV act. Now it is working effectively, people are getting aware of it,” said SP.

“In 2017, there were 7 cases registered and 14 cattle were rescued in cattle theft cases. In 2018, 20 cattle were rescued in 11 cases. In 2019, 11 cattle are rescued in five theft cases. In addition, police also registered Suo Moto cases on illegal cattle trafficking. 68 persons have been arrested in 26 cases and 41 cattle have been rescued in 2017. 47 persons have been arrested in 31 cases and 73 cattle are rescued in 2017. 31 persons are arrested in 14 cases and 57 cattle were rescued in 2017.

“30 check posts have been set up in Udupi district to prevent illegal transport. 10 check posts are working in day time according to the availability of staff. Preventive action has been taken to control illegal cattle transport. A special parade, of those who are still active in this act, will be conducted. We have given instructions to all the sub-divisions to know the whereabouts of these people. Locals have to take care of the street cows.”

The complaints received in the SP-phone-in programme included regarding matka, gambling, college students spending study time in Ajjarkad Park, illegal liquor shops and no parking issues.

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