Pulse Polio treatment in city is on Sunday, 23rd January 2011

2:10 PM, Thursday, January 20th, 2011
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Pulse Polio treatmentMangalore: The national Pulse Polio programme undertaken years ago has been revived this year for Jan and Feb 2011. The earlier programme was so successful that Thousands of mothers brought their small kids to wards where polio drops were put in to the open mouths of little babies to ward off physical diseases in every state in India.
Presently, the pulse polio drops will be administered to small children as on 23rd January, a Sunday and may even go into February next.
Pulse Polio treatmentPulse polio drops are essential to the children of workers’ families living in a colonies under unsanity conditions of life, inviting trouble and health care.
The polio vaccine drops put in to a child’s mouth at a young age protects its health for many years and fights polio problems. There are several social welfare organisations serving humanity and kids in this regard to drive away weak legs and establish health power.
We know that construction and other labourers come to Mangalore from all districts in the north of Karnataka. Polio cases have been reported among such lab our couples or their kids. It is possible to control polio disease where they live, a press release said.
All these parents having a child of 0-5years age need to insure against polio disease, by vaccine drops from doctors. There are Volunteers to serve these innocent babies before they are attacked by polio. It is estimated that in DK dt., we have 1.71 lakhs of kids who need such medical attention. Dr. Srirangappa and Dr. Rukmini were present at the press meet today.


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