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5:57 PM, Monday, June 21st, 2010
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Yogish and Meghana Raj in Punda

Yogish and Meghana Raj in Punda

Director H Vasu losing the nativity elements too, brought in ‘Polladhavan’ remake that is ‘Punda’. The dark night effect that is maintained purposefully throughout the film is what is notable in the film. The trivial issues blown out of proportion are showing us where we stand in cinema making. The protagonist has only two points to fulfill in his life. One is motorbike and the other one his lady love. For this adding masala is a mismatch. What is a hit in Tamil is strain in Kannada version.

Yet the film is notable because of the buxom beauty Meghana Raj, the local girl daughter of star couple Sunder Raj and Pramila Joshai, making debut after a round in Telugu and Tamil films.

Yogi (Yogish) aspiration in life is to own a motorbike and get Meghana (Meghana Raj) as his life partner. For this he is waiting since two years after passing out with a graduation. Knowing the demand of his son the petty businessman father (Avinash) arranges for Rs.70000 and Yogi buys a motorbike for this money. He soon gets a job because he owns a bike and as expected Meghana also fulfill his heart.

The happiness of Yogi is short lived. After giving a lip to lip kiss he is in cloud nine situation. At the same time a murder takes place in his colony and his bike goes missing. The sudden shock puts Yogi in deep trouble. When his motorbike is traced in drug smuggling racket he is saved because he had lodged a complaint earlier. The local don Bhoja’s sibling Shivu accidentally hits Yogi’s father and the fury goes high. Yogi goes mad for having hit his father. His ability is discussed in the underworld.

As the reels pass, it is Bhoja who advise his sibling Shivu not to disturb Yogi but things go out of control. Shivu instead of taking revenge on Yogi kills his own brother Bhoja. In the final round between Yogi and Shivu the result is as expected.

Yogish has a good film for his abilities but he looks wooden throughout without giving reactions. He is good in dance and dialogue delivery is like ‘Goods Train’ very slowly rendered. Meghana Raj looks like a mixture of Nayanthara and Sudha Chandran and is promising. In the song costumes she is dashing and daring.

Avinash has given lovely support. Sharat Lohitashva and Petrol Prasanna are adequate.

GV Prakash Rao two tunes ‘Yako dil…’ and ‘Ommomme Nee Edhuradare…’ are good. ‘Pakkadmane’ song composed by youngster Mano Mathew is OK.

Shekar Chandru’s night effect cinematography is another outstanding job. He is the cinematographer for the two films released this week who has done exceptional work in both the films.


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