RAINS UPSET MARKET PRICES: The upheavals and downfalls of last century’s economics

9:10 PM, Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
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by P. Ramesh Rao One hardly expected so much change in current weather and economics in so few years of 21st century. There is no price control now for vegetables in markets. The meat production (fish, chicken, mutton, pork and beef) has gone beyond the reach of lower middle class families educating their children upto Junior College (10 +2). In China and Korea, they are eating dog meat in hotels, but Indian non – Veggies still have chicken and mutton to themselves. Chinese experiment with snakes. Russians had caviar (meat) in 20th century, not now. Indians have stopped hunting deer and black bucks for meat. But clandestine killing of turtles and deer families (several varieties) continues in Indian seashores and jungles. After a lakh of farmers suicides and throwing away tomatoes and potatoes on the roads, the vegetables have suddenly gone up in procurement prices. Even big hoteliers are shaken by the uptrend. The age old economics no longer holds good. The productive and unproductive kinds in economics have lost their meaning. Production of food stuffs under agriculture are no longer beneficial to the farmer producer. Lands have been cut in size for rice, wheat, jowar and ragi in many Indian districts, and horticultural crops are on the rise. The three departments of Economics, agriculture, industries and public services are losing their traditional character, with the seeping of dirty waters of corruption in every form of business. Education and sports have turned into business, so also entertainment and administration. The age old economic theory of “Survival of the fittest” threatens to intervene, and welfare economics takes a beating with the politicians concluding self advantageous pacts with business people. Hard work does not fetch 2 meals, IPLs, films, sports shows reap millions of dollars these days. No correctives are available. Economics as a great science, has remained imperfect.


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