Realising the dreams of farmers is the government’s aim: CM Bommai

10:29 PM, Monday, March 20th, 2023


Bengaluru : Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said realising the dreams of farmers is the aim of the state government.

Speaking after distributing title deeds to the beneficiaries of 94C and 94CC of Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 here on Monday, he said 1.54 lakh title deeds have been distributed in rural areas, and 1.50 lakh in Lambani Tanda, Kurubara Hatti, and Gollara Hatti. So far, three lakh title deeds have been distributed. In urban areas, under 90 CC, 1,72,000 persons have been given title deeds and constructed houses for them. Over 40,000 coffee planters have been given land on lease. Over 60,000 acres of land had been distributed among farmers. More than one lakh deemed forest land had been given to farmers.

Historic stand in support of poor

The CM said the incumbent government has taken a historic decision in favor of the poor and this program has been taken up in all districts. A shelter is required for every person to lead a self-reliant and respected life. The land is required to build houses. The decision to distribute the title deed under 90C was taken to provide solace to the person who had built a house on farmland. None had taken such a bold decision in the past citing legal hurdles. But the incumbent government removed all the obstacles and showed that everything is possible if they have willpower. “This is your right and the stamp of legality has been put. Solution is there for every problem if they have the government with sympathy”.

Bommai said the government could have kept silent without taking any decision but it has proved that it is pro-poor. The realtors sell 4,000 sq ft of land for crores of rupees in Bengaluru. Taking birth as poor is an accident but they must not die as poor. It is the wish of everyone to achieve something and progress. The government must stand in support of the poor and help them to progress in life. “We have given a real peace of mind to the poor by distributing title deeds and it’s a sacred work also. This has inspired us to do more such good deeds. We have shown what all can be done by the government”.

Ministers R. Ashok, M.T.B. Nagaraj, MLAs Satish Reddy, Ravi Subramanya, Uday Garudachar, M.Krishnappa, and others were present.

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