S.D.P.I welcomes CM’s prosecution and seeks resignation at a Rally

2:09 PM, Saturday, January 29th, 2011
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S.D.P.I welcomes CM’s prosecutionMangalore : The SDPI in a press statement has welcomed the step taken by state Governer Bhardwaj to allow 2 lawyers to prosecute CM and HM in cases of Land misuse and other issues.
S.D.P.I welcomes CM’s prosecutionThe Social Democratic Party of Indian Muslims has thereby concluded that the executive head of state had played an active role in bringing to book public enemies under rule of law on the basis of equality of applications of rules.
S.D.P.I welcomes CM’s prosecutionOne day’s Bundh called by BJP recently against State Governor had caused the Exchequer a loss of Rs. 2,000 Crores, apart from loss or damage to properties or vehicles on the Bundh day, which SDPI has whole-heartedly condemned Friday.
A procession was taken out and people assembled here at the DCO gates, to condemn the govt policies and state of functioning in Bangalore. Speakers at the crowded meeting, watched by a posse of policeman and vehicles in tow, stated that the state govt. has gone from one deficiency or wrong step, to another only to justify its way of administration.
S.D.P.I welcomes CM’s prosecutionThe party noted that a responsible and eminent person like CM (Yeddyurappa) faced legal and criminal justice in several cases (5) on several counts this year (2011). The SDPI leaders demanded his resignation first, before facing enquiry into his misdeeds in the eye of law.
S.D.P.I welcomes CM’s prosecutionThere was a need, they said, for CM to prove his innocence and till then, to keep off his chair in the process. An agitation all over DK would be let loose by SDPI, the speakers said amid slogan-shouting from members, to oust the CM to face prosecution.
General Secretary Nasir M., resided over the gathering. Sherief Mudabidre welcomed. Akbarally, Jaleel and Saleem G, were present. Ismail Malar thanked.


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