Sand Transport Trucks membership to be done on Aug 10

6:43 PM, Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
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Mangalore : The trucks with GPS installed in them and painted diamond white on the bonnet and blue on the bumper can transport sand, said Mayur Ullal, president of Joint Action Committee of Sand Contractors, sand boat owners, workers, and building material transporters.
He was speaking at the press meet held at press club on July 28, Wednesday.
Speaking on the occasion, the task force had earlier conducted meeting convened by the Joint Action Committee at the DC’s chamber.
Trucks transporting sand must compulsorily follow the rules regarding paint, stickers, and so on and August 10 is the last date to take the membership. The inauguration of the the association will be held at Kadri Gorakshanatha Hall on August 18.
He also said that, the trucks installed with GPS can transport sand, granite, stones, and other construction material; but trucks that are not installed with GPS cannot send sand. He said that GPS is essential because it is difficult to track trucks transporting sand.
The owners of one and two trucks have agreed to install the GPS to trucks and already received the membership. One day seminar for the members will also be organized to create awareness.
B S Chandru, advisor, Umesh Achar, advising committee and Harish Shetty Bail were present on the occasion.


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