“Sandesha” 23rd year Awards announced

3:46 PM, Friday, November 29th, 2013

SandeshaMangalore: “Sandesha” a training institution for arts and music and social service has been promoting  the various service activities in several fields for the last 22 years and has been awarding a number of persons who had served those fields of activity all these years. In a press club meet on Nov.29,the institution once again announced  its latest (23rd year) awards to selected persons in each field such as literature or music, to be given on January 15, 2014 as scheduled .

Fr Victor Vijay Lobo, director of Sandesha spoke to the pressmen giving the information.

There are 5 awardees in each sector of work such as social service and education, in all 10 awards have been announced so far. A Special recognition award has been bestowed this year on “WHITE DOVES” an NGO established in 1995 dedicated to social service.

There is Jury of scholars and experts to decide every name selected for an award for this year.
Dr Na D’Souza, Fr Mark Valder, Dr Na Damodar Shetty, Sara Abubakker, Chandrakala Nandavar, and Richard Louis were in the jury panel.

Some of the awardees are Vaidehi for Kannada literature, Lalitha Rai for Tulu novels, Lawrence Saldanha for Konkani Music shows, Abdul Rasheed for Journalism, Sr. Irene Mascarenhas for education services are among others named for Sandesha Awards being given in Jan.15, 2014 at Town Hall Mangalore.

jury member, Roy Castelino, Titus Noronha, convener of awards publicity committee and Fr Jayaprakash D’Souza, principal, Sandesha College among others were present at the press meet.on the dais of press club on Friday, Nov.29. Sandesha

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