Sarkal in Kundapur is flooded with problems

11:15 AM, Thursday, July 4th, 2013

kundapuraKundapur : Heavy rains  have caused problems  to residents of Sarkal isle with the only link to the world a bridge getti gn washed away some time back.

Recently flood surrounded the isle leaving them in a fix and giving them sleepless nights. About 3,000 acres of paddy fields in Sarkal have now been inundated. Areca and coconut plantations have also been flooded and children of this village dread to go to school.

This is the plight of this village every monsoon. Sarkal is part of Kavarady Gram Panchayat and no effort has been made to solve their problem though the place is located just eight km away from the taluk headquarters.

 Though the place can be reached within ten minutes by walk from Saukur temple, the floods have made  them trek 30 kms to reach the t own.

The only bridge built by the locals for crossing over to the other side during heavy rains has now been washed away. Almost 75 per cent of Sarkal has submerged due to rains. The place has a population of 200 in 30 houses and has fifty children. They need to cough up a minimum of Rs 200 to even hire an autorickshaw.

With problems abound, they hope the authorities will hear their plea.kundapura

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