Satheesh Kumar gives evidence on attacks of Bajarang Dal on churches.

9:12 PM, Saturday, August 21st, 2010
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Mangalore: The Former DK SP Sateesh Kumar, N, has testified today before B.K. Somashekhara Commission probing attacks in 2008 on churches by Hindu outfits, that Bajrang Dal was among those who (Pro-Hindus) attacked Adoration Monastery on 14-09-2008. He named Bajarang Dal, Sri Ram Sene and such other Hindu organisations. However, he said 10 to 15 persons made the attack.
But the former Bajarang Dal leader Mahendra Kumar vehemently denied involvement of B. Dal in those attacks in an earlier deposition before the enquiry commission.
SP Satheesh pointed out that he was aware of denials made by Mahendra on TV and dailies earlier that he (Mahendra) was the man behind such attacks. The former SP of city told that police made no excess while controlling crowds following church attacks in view of conversion attempts.


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