Save Temple movement by Hindu Jana Jagrithi Samithi.

3:55 PM, Saturday, August 21st, 2010
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Mangalore: A notice has been served by DK dt administration on all 641 unauthorized centres of divine worship (all religions) according to a Supreme Court order issued in Dec.2009, to evacuate the places of worship in a given period (14 days).

A press conference was called at the Woodlands Hotel in this context today (Aug 21) in Mangalore, by Hindu Jana Jagriti Samithi, Bunder branch, to oppose the DC’s action.

The Samithi argued that SC declaration and DC’s notice on those places of worship (temples, churches, mosques, basadis and any other shrine) which had over 100 years of history in the district as unauthorized, has created consternation among the public and wounded their feelings. The SC edict has been promulgated by the Karnataka state in 2010, as a directive to district officers in February itself, compelling genuine places of worship attended by lakhs of devotees as liable to be evacuated and destroyed, said Mohan Gowda, the spokesman for local Samithi.

The courts order of declaring long-standing institutions of divine worship in many forms and faiths was not proper in calling them “unauthorized” and hence liable to be vacated. The bureaucrats, who have come from outside coastal areas here, give pretexts of road widening and developmental works, flood – affected areas and drainage works, to pull down constructions where people prayed regularly was preposterous, said Pradeep K. Kalkura. He pointed out that the govt officials who sent out evacuation orders were not born when the religious places of worship were created in Sullia and other taluks in DK. Dt. Why do they disturb the system now? Their notices could create confusion and unhappy feelings among the countless devotees.

S. Pradeep Kalkura wondered if we had a democratic rule or we were just proceeding towards it in the last 60 years. He is the DK district chief of Kannada Sahitya Parishat.
Laxmish Kabaladka, religious leaders, Madhusudan of Sri Ram Sene, and Rama Bhat, a fighter for the cause of Hinduism, among others were present.


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