SFI stage protest against lack of facility in Colleges

4:19 PM, Thursday, August 12th, 2010
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Mangalore : The Students Federation of India (SFI) staged protest, in front of DC Office on August 12, Thursday demanding the state government to rectify the education problems faced by the students in colleges.

Speaking at the protest, Manoj Vamanjoor, secretary of SFI district committee, said that state government is conducting various schemes for the improvement of the college, but none of them are implemented.

He also said that, University issuing license to many colleges in order to increase the number of colleges can not be counted in the development, but proving qualitative education in the existing colleges can be called as development.

The University College is facing lack of seating arrangement in the class room which is essential for the students, but Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa is busy struggling hard to save his political seat, he criticized.

State government had also assured the students to provide text books to students, but no work related it has been done. When a student has to appear for the examination, he or she must have some information from the prescribed text books, but without even having a glimpse of the book, they cannot write whatever comes to their mind, he informed.

Munner Katipalla, president of SFI said that State is implementing more number of medical and engineering deemed colleges, but they are not thinking to give seats for poor students in their college.
CM Yeddyurappa is saying to share farmers problem by visiting their house and eating along with them, but problem have been remained stagnant.
Most of the colleges lack lecturers to teach the students. The BJP has even organized the schemes for education for the students to rejoin the schools, but its nothing but to gain publicity, he stated.
Ashpak, Chandini Bolar, Sujeeth Belathangady, Nithin Kutthar and Abhishek Panjimogaru were present.


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