Shakthi Residential School, Mangaluru selected for IRISH International Science Fair

9:59 PM, Tuesday, February 14th, 2023

Shakthi School

Mangaluru : “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought” said Albert Einstein. Shastha Naik V a 6th Grader of Shakthi Residential School, Shakthinagar, Mangaluru thought differently, developed a Smart Copra Dryer and claimed 1st Prize at the CBSE National Science Model Exhibition held at Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram, Haryana from 7th February to 9th February 2023.

SMART COPRA DRYER is the product of incubation of a vision and nurturing it into a living inspiring reality. The vision was to repurpose an old method of drying copra into a new technique. This copra dryer is equipped with an automatic system which doesn’t require much human intervention. This smart system senses the rain and automatically provides a protective covering over dried copra and other agricultural products when needed. This system also provides optimum conditions for drying of coconut by detecting the moisture in the atmosphere thereby, automatically providing a heating system which works on the basic principle of heating effect of current. This maintains a fairly warm system optimal for drying of coconut.

A Threat detector in this integrated system detects the movement caused by wildlife and other animals. When triggered by any movement, this system alerts the farmers by a high pitched sound and also frightens the animal.

Moreover this system can also be used for drying clothes and other items. The system is powered by solar energy, making this system environmentally friendly. The excess energy stored can be utilised for domestic purposes. This arrangement also has an integrated rain water harvesting system. The rainwater is collected in the underground storage tank. This water is available for use all throughout the year.

The Copra Dryer is Cost effective, integrated system with increase in Profit margin. There is reduction of manpower, hence efficiency increases.

It requires low maintenance and is powered by solar energy. It is Environmental friendly and helps in Water and energy conservation. It improves quality and quantity of ground water. The dryer keeps product free from environmental factors like dust, dirt, animal droppings. This is indeed a novel solution to many of the problems faced during copra drying.

Sanjith Naik, Secretary, Shakthi Education Trust, Dr. K.C.Naik, Administrator, Ramesh K, Chief Advisor, Prakyath Rai, Institute Development Officer, PrathviRaj, Principal Shakthi PU College and Vidya Kamath G Principal, Shakthi Residential School, Patricia Pinto, Co-ordinator Shakthi Preschool along with all staff and students have congratulated Shastha Naik on this meritorious victory.

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