SI Prakash threatened Gangadhar Shetty to change the statement: Joyal Vas

6:34 PM, Thursday, July 29th, 2010
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Mangalore: The statement given by Gangadhar Shetty in one of the press meet conducted by the resident of Adyar Padavu in Neermarga, was not true, said Joyal Vas.
Speaking at the press meet held at Woodland Hall on July 20, Thursday, he said that he and his father Justin Vas (56) and his neighbour Gangadhar Shetty were assaulted  and tortured in a most uncivilized, crude and shameful manner on June 2, 200.

Due to the injuries, the trio was admitted to Wenlock Hospital at night and on next morning, they ordered to destroy the earlier documents, wherein doctors had made the mention of police torture. All the three men were in police custody for more than 24 hours. They were also threatened by the police on July 7, 2010.

Joyal said that, the incident started with the land dispute and turned to politics. Gangadhar Shetty was the eye witness in the incident when Justin Vas was assaulted by Joseph D’Souza, Alwyn Nazareth and Jayson Menezes, the supporters of Fr Charles Menezes. Hence, he was threatened and forcefully taken to press club and told to give the statement against Justin and Joyal Vas and support SI Prakash. But just before the press meet, Gangadhar had called me and said that he is been forcefully taken to press club and it was necessary since he had two daughters. We do not know who Stanly Alvaris is, and he is saying himself at resident of Adyar.

The sub inspector Prakash had also warned Joyal to charge complaint against him, so that he will not get seat in private as well as public sector for Engineering. But, Joyal had recorded, the audio tape of the conversation between them in phone. He even SI Prakash threatened both Vas and Shetty of torture and filed a ‘B’ report saying that Justine had suffered his injuries due to skidding of the motar bike he was riding and their complaint was false. He also said that, he has created an eye witness by name of Ismail to close their FIR.
We have also net the Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh and explained about the incident in detail and urged to dismantle both SP Squad and DCIB, he added.
PB D’Sa, president of PUCL, Justin Vas,  Nirmal Kumar and Ananad were present at press meet.


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