Siamese Twins in Tumkur

8:58 PM, Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
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Tumkur: It is a natural wonder in action-the birth of twine joined in some part of the body, say, head or waist. The medical world has the capacity to separate them by operation (surgery) in modern days.
In Tumkur, a pair of Siamese twins, joined in the heads, with 3 feet and 4 hands, one heart and body but two brains, was born this week.
The exceptional birth took place in the district maternity hospital to a daily wage working woman on Tuesday, when both children started to cry, leaving the doctors non-plussed. Presently the mother and her twins are doing well. The babies want mother’s breast milk.
The doctors do not believe that such a twin birth can be long lasting. Such peculiar births take place due to Congenital anomaly, doctors said. Mother’s name is Zareena from Nazarabad in city.


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