Snake charmer Ravindranath Aithal conducts a demonstration on Snakes

5:33 PM, Monday, December 12th, 2011

Ravindranath-AithalUdupi: Well-known snake capturing expert Ravindranath Aithal expressed the opinion that snakes, animals and birds are killed for research works done in labs, but that should not be allowed.

He was speaking at a demonstration of snakes held on Sunday at the Sri Krishna Madhwa Mantapa, when Paryaya Siur Math Swami Laxmivara Tirtha was present. Aithal put a snake round the neck of Swamiji.

While making certain chemical pesticides and sprinkling of the poisonous effects, Aithal disclosed. He made a long list of non-venomous snakes including pythons, cobras, black snakes, sea snakes and pool snakes, which were harmless.

Explaining various snakes, he said Kaalinga was the longest snake with venom in their bites. They grow to 18 feet of length. The cobra has a V mark on its hood at the back. The worship of snakes is nothing but a worship of ecology. The sea snakes are seen on beaches.

The Rakta-mandala (red region) snake moves around at night only, and a person bitten by  it can die after 2 days. There is no price on any snake, be it Red sand Bova snake or Cobra.

A python can swallow mice and small animals, but to eat a man it has to be 20 feet long in size. The river snake does not beat with its tail, not is it poisonous, Aital informed.

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