Social worker Sheena Shetty takes over as social Ombudsman for Dakshin Kannada district.

3:52 PM, Thursday, August 12th, 2010
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Mangalore : Under the state govt Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee (MGEG) scheme in force in DK dt, local social worker Sheena Shetty has been asked to take charge as vigilance officer (Ombudsman) and he took charge on Thursday at the ZPO in Kottara Chowki in the Morning.

The govt has created this post to implement the Employment Guarantee Scheme that provides a minimum of 100 days of work to all people without proper employment in a calendar year. Sheena Shetty will look after the implementation of the public scheme and see that corruption does not set in while offering works to the candidates.

The post lasts 2 years, during which Shetty will enquire into complaints received from the candidates with full information. He will also see if adequate technical training is provided to those who go in for technical works.
Such a responsible post is normally allotted to retired judges only, but the govt has thought it useful to get connected with people though a social worker appointee for the first time in India. About six districts have been selected in the state to appoint public vigilance officers, with Sheena Shetty as one of them.
He spoke to Mega Media at his office in ZP premises, explaining his prime responsibilities in reporting to the govt, if and when malpractices are found in implementing the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme all over the district under an Act.


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