St Aloysius College inaugurated two day fests ‘Imprints’ and ‘Acme’

1:56 PM, Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
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St Aloysius College two day fests ‘Imprints’ and ‘Acme’Mangalore : The Students and Science Faculty of St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore hosted the most awaited two day National Level Science Fest and Exhibition ‘Imprints 2011’ on February 3, Thursday.
St Aloysius College two day fests ‘Imprints’ and ‘Acme’Speaking after inaugurating the event, the dean of KSHEMA, Dr Arunachalam Kumar said that there must be a merger of science with social networking.
He also said that the adventure of gadgetry made the class room different. The earlier generation cannot teach the students in any other way.
The books published in the past have changed the way to know how the civilization was, but the social networking at the present has changed the way how the books thought, he said.
Supporting the use of mobile phones by the students, he said that using mobile phones for a longer period of 15 hours will increase the blood circulation and blood supply in the ear, which helps to heal the ear infection caused due to ear piercing.
Appreciating the fest, he said that the fest like Imprints helps to bring lot of ideas, when the students come together. Further Aloysius will be recognized as pioneer centre, he added.
St Aloysius College two day fests ‘Imprints’ and ‘Acme’Rev. Fr. Swebert D’Silva S.J., Principal – St Aloysius College (Autonomous) presided over the function.
The two days Imprints with the theme for Imprints 2011 is ‘The science network’ includes the events such as log in (ice-breaker), sci space (seminar), research gate (physical science event), life knot (life science event), techyyz showroom (computer science event), wikileaks (quiz), tweet up (debate), isurvive (Imprints personality), medley of models (science exhibition) and blog (newsletter).
Ivan Pinto, chief staff coordinator of Imprints 2011 introduced the chief guests. Prof Ashok Prasad, staff co-ordinator briefed on Imprints.
The commerce faculty of St Aloysius College organized two-day national level inter-collegiate commerce festivals — Acme 2011, at the college today.
While theme for Acme 2011 is ‘The business of music’ and includes seven main events like ‘Master of Puppets’ (The best manager), The Longest Day, Wall Street Shuffle (Mock Stock), L A Money Train (Finance), Bohemian Rhapsody (Marketing), Sultans of Swing (Human Resource) and money talks (Entrepreneurial development). The events, Shobha Anchan, staff coordinator said are more knowledge based, rather than entertainment based.


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