Starlet Keerthi

8:28 PM, Friday, August 13th, 2010

Starlet Keerthi is a promising actress in Kannada: An interview with her.

Bangalore: We had an exclusive interview with the new sensation of “Mathu Mathalli” (while talking) and lead role in “Preethi, Nee Shashwathana” (oh love, are you permanent?) recently. She is a rising star and has the right spirit to reach the top when there are few in the race.

Q: Tell us of your Background.
K: I belong to a normal Middle class family. Mother is in govt, service I have an elder brother. I am in B.Sc final in Basavangudi.

Q: How come you joined films?
K: I have been a model first. Destiny looked up and like many others (Deepika for instance), and here I am. I was the supporting actress in “Nannausire” (my breath).

Q: Is Cinema satisfying or professional?
K: Not yet, I am learning seriously.

Q: Any other activity?
K: I am a classical  dancer. I love music. I like old movies. I read many books and of late I see films as an artiste.

Q: Are you traditional, I mean, family wise?
K: I am a pure Kannadiga girl. Gowda! It is a rather conservative agricultural family. When I got selected, I had to beg mother before I could  enter film production. She put conditions as usual. Poor mom, she is afraid of relatives and idle talk.

Q: Any more offers?
K: I have rejected routine roles, as I am looking for a small role that convinces people of my talent.

Q: What do producers want from you?
K: Hard work, dedication and good performance. In 2 years, I’ve made 4 movies, as I am choosy.

Q: Kannada artistes are poorly looked after. Is that so?
K: Talent needs recognition. Some producers want only artificial, and not real pure talent, you see.

Q: Any goal in life?

K: I will wait for good roles to come by. I want to do M.S. Degree after graduation.

Q: What type of a girl are you, someone looking at society, differently
K: I am sensitive. No tears. I am growing than strong. Women are exploited more in film world, but they can be stronger than men.

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