Supreme Court notice to Central Government and Air India on Bajpe Crash

5:09 PM, Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Air-CrashNew Delhi: The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday (Jan 3) issued a legal notice to UPA Government and defendants Air India, why Rs. 75 Lakhs as usual compensation was not paid o victims’ families for the Bajpe airplane crash on 22-05-2010, when 158 passengers died in Mangalore.

The plane had come from Dubai to Bajpe’s table-top airport, but landed badly to overshoot the runway and catch fire, to explode in a gorge. The final compensation has remained a matter of dispute and 2 civil aviation ministers (Praful Patel and Vayalar Ravi) had come and gone, and a third minister Ajay Singh of UPA is functioning of late.

Some compensation have been settled, but some other dissatisfied families led by petitioner S. Abdul Salam who lost a son M.Rafiq in the crash, went to Kerala court, and now to the Supreme Court, demanding Rs. 75 lakhs for each victim, under Montreal order on international air crash cases.

Senior counsel Harish Slave appeared to pay a minimum of Rs. 75 lakhs which Air India was avoiding.

International Convention at Montreal fixed the reparatory amount payable to Kith and Kin of actual air victims, at 1 lakh SDRs, equaling Rs.75 lakhs at present.

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