M.N. Rajendra Kumar makes noised (Galate) in Kannada film world, after “Jogula” in TV

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
Galate Kannada film

Mangalore: There is a lot of noise (Galate) going on in co-operative business field after M.N. Rajendra Kumar (jain) made his entry in SCDCC Bank and Apex Ban with his colourful multi-face personality, as an activist in farming, co-operative  housing, industries, banking, administration, building and other fields. H has produced serial TV screen shows and […]

Hunsur Yogesh

Saturday, January 29th, 2011
Yogish Hunsur

Hunsur Yogesh has 4 films in 2011 Bangalore: Producer-director Yogesh Hunsur has four films on his hand, with one of them ready for release. Prajwal Devaraj stars in this film “Murali meets meera”, which may hit the screen in the second week of February, 2011. He is ambitious to create films of good taste, and […]