Tata tops India’s capitalists.

10:40 PM, Monday, August 16th, 2010
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Mumbai: While Oracle and Google may be at each other’s neck with a lawsuit to boot, Tatas have regained the position of Numero Uno (No.1) among Indian capitalists just when Ratan Tata (74) is searching for his successor and a well deserved retirement at 75 in 2012. Ratan has been working hard since two decades to edge out Ambani brothers at their own game. Free India had known Tatas and Birlas fighting for supremacy, but now that Birlas are broken up as a house, Ambanis surged ahead of Tatas, to hold the predominant position in recent years. When the elder Ambani died, the empire created by him “Vimal only” splitup but the brothers have united after 8 years in 2010. by that time, Ratan moved up to sideline Mukesh and Anil, with a Rs. 3.70 lakh crore market capital and shows s smiling face. Ratan has renovated the Gateway of India neighbour Taj Palce Hotel and its annexe recently and opened them for public gaze. So his smile can be from ear to ear on Aug. 15 in Mumbai.


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