Teachers’ appointment for music, painting, physical instruction, and others Graduate Teachers likely

8:46 PM, Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Vishwashwara hegde kageriGadaga / Koppal: For those vacant posts of Teachers in primary and secondary schools to be duly filled up, necessary steps are being taken.
Upgraded primary schools will have graduate (B Ed) teachers soon, according to Vishwashwara hegde kageri Minister for Primary and secondary education in the state.
He was speaking to newsmen on Monday in Gadag Retirement age having been raised to 60 now, more are likely to retire this year, he said. Appointments to vacant posts will be made early. Action will be taken for the process of selecting all teachers including those for teaching music, painting and physical culture, Kageri informed.
The govt, is contemplating to include the achievements of late Pandit Puttaraj Gawai in the school text books. The govt is eager to fulfil the wishes of the noble soul. The next cabinet will discuss the question of funding the music academy run by Punyashrama as a special case for donations.

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