The disputed Ayodhya Title Dead Case : Verdict belongs to All

7:06 PM, Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Ayodhya verdictAllahabad :  The much awaited, crucial verdict on the title deed of Babri Masjid – Ram Janmabhoomi Has been read out at 4-15 Pm on Thursday 30th September, 2010 by the 3-Judge bench of Lucknow court coming under Allahabad (UP) High Court. Originally Scheduled o be important portions of a detailed verdict stated at 4-15 Pm and finished by 5 Pm.
All the 3 Judges ( Khan, Agarwal and Sharma) were unanimous about the present Ram-Lulla makeshift temple area was the real Rama Janam Bhoomi. This decision has come after 20 years of litigant battles.
However, the verdict also said that one third of the disputed 2.7 acres area belong  to one third of belongs Sunny Wakf Board and  the 1/3rd part belongs to Nirmohi Dharam Akhada . As all political parties, communities, leaders and people’s elected representatives have already vowed to bow to the verdict given by Luknow bench, they have to stand by the operative part of the judgment.
While Ram Lulla temple area is actually the birth place of Sri Rama but the land belongs to 3 parties to the dispute, 2 of them belong to Hindus and one part to Sunny Wakf Board of UP (Muslims). The verdict cannot but be accepted by all Indian people, whether they like it or not

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