The Holly month of Ramzan Begins

4:01 PM, Friday, August 13th, 2010
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Mangalore: Greetings to all Muslims on Ramzan, which starts on August 12 this year all over India. The month of Ramzan (running for 30 days) is considered most holy  by all Muslims all over the world, as they fast from sunrise to sunset during the entire period to be closer to Allah, and perform Namaz five times a day, as prescribed by Quran on an empty stomach. During the prophet’s days, the Arabs were pagans like Hindus, and were given this prescription to purify their souls. Hindus still believe that Ramzan is another name for Ram Dhyan (contemplation on the divine). Ramzan in its true spirit brings about a wonderful (soul) feeling of closeness to Allah.
There is self-discipline and a self control in humility in this effect to seek the blessings of Allah, the unseen form of a Universally powerful God in existence. There is an empathy a close affectionate connection – with the poor and those deprived of wealth and opportunities in life. Despite our sins, Allah is kind to us and we feel grateful to him in Ramzaan periodic fasting. We often wander away from the path of righteousness, and Ramzaan drags us back to Allah’s path. During the Ramzaan fast, a pious Muslim keeps away from water, food, sleep, injections, sex and anything nourishing one’s body. “Schri” (early morning food) eaten before dawn, readies the person for the grueling exercise of fasting from sunrise to sunset (Iftaar, when food can be taken at breakfast). It is an attempt to identify oneself with the spirit, by denying what is good for the body only.
There are exceptions to such rigorous fasting, during illness and travels. One has to feed the needy later on, for the missing days of Ramzan so spent.
Quran was revealed to the last prophet Muhamed during Ramzan fasting. The last ten days of the 30-day period of fasting during the day are blessed. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, and Zakaat (charity) is the other. A portion of one’s wealth is distributed among the needy in Ramzaan.
Eating heavily at Schri (dawn) or at Iftaar (dusk) is not advised. There is an abundance of rewards reaped by fasting (best of health and purity) and doing charitable deeds in a community well being spirit.
On Thursday, August 12, Ramzan begins. Allah-o-Akbar!


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