The Kashmir Question.

8:09 PM, Monday, September 13th, 2010

Srinagar (J&K): What is the picture of Kashmir today? Perhaps, what it was in Hindu Jammu 15 years ago. Ramzan, the holiest month of fasting and seeking pardon for sins committed by Muslims against Allah and his noble creation that changes everyday, has made no different to that converts (Hindus who embraced Islam over the centuries). The convert Muslims were under a Hindu King, not Babar or Akbar. They were peaceful till 1990, when local ambitious politicians made a hell of Kashmir. Hindus living in Kashmir valley were killed on the streets and driver out as refugees in their own land. Jammu province and hilly Ladakh region does not belong to the converted Muslims in Srinagar and the Valley. The present occupation of the Indian Army (which otherwise would be happy to live on Himalayan bunkers or Delhi barracks)  is the result of previous atrocities of Muslims in the valley and Jammu province under aimless instigations by Pak terrorist trained by ISI of Pakistan to remain a constant pinprick to the culture of Hindus. The Muslims in Indian subcontinent and J&K state should be shown their true place as secondary citizens ruled by Hindus.
Much earlier, before Jagmohan took over, barbarity of  Muslims had been paid back as barbarity of Indian Army over Muslims.   UN observers entered Kashmir to check the news of Muslims deaths in hundreds then.
Now the Indian soldiers keep enemies at bay. A few dead bodies and a battalion of injured resistors will always be found in Kashmir, that has lost its purpose of existences in a melee of violence. People taking to stone throws does not help a piquant situation in the valley today.
70 people in Kashmir Muslims Valley have died since June 11 in rebellion against one’s own elected govt, provoked by Hurriyat leaders of a minority and separatist mentality. No mercy or regard should be shown to Muslim violators of law in J&K state, and Hindus should be allowed to go in and live in Kashmir, buying property and providing jobs to Kashmir in services.

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