The National level Aloysian Fest- 2014 inaugurated

10:14 AM, Friday, January 31st, 2014

Aloysian Fest- 2014Mangalore : The National level Aloysian Fest- 2014 was inaugurated at 9:30 am in the college premises. The program was presided over by the Rector, St Aloysius Institutions, Rev.FrDenzil Lobo SJ,in the presence ofthe PrincipalRev. Fr.SwebertD’Silva SJ.

ShriN K Balakrishnan(FGM ,Central Bank of India, Hyderabad) was the chief guest of the function.

The Chief Guest of the function, N K Balakrishnan along with the dignitaries inaugurated the fest by unveiling the overall championship trophy.

Addressing the college students on the occasion, N K Balakrishnan said “Events like the Aloysian fest go a long way in building skills.” Referring to the number of banking institutions which are situated in the district he added “There is no dearth of leadership as eminent bankers have come out of this part of the country and have been shaped by this institution”

Aloysian Fest- 2014Exhorting the college students to pursue their goals, he said it is important to set up a vision and then work towards it. “Central Bank will always be with St Aloysius College in such endeavors in the future” he added.

Delivering the presidential address, Rev FrDenzil Lobo SJ said “Jesuit education believes in imparting life skills and helping the students grow” While talking about the rapid change in technology, he said the students live in a more advanced world which is complex. “The institution should promote creativity and help the students break out of the conventional systems” he added.

The Principal of the college, Rev FrSwebertD’silva SJ, the staff coordinator Prof. John Sherra, campus minister Rev Fr Francis Almeida SJ, the Vice Principals of the various blocks, the President of the student council, Ponnanna N T, Secretary of the student council, Rashmi Peres, the staff and student coordinators of the individual fests, were present on the dais.

Ponnanna N T delivered the welcome speech. Marissa compered the program.

Aloysian Fest- 2014

The Aloysian Fest – 2013 encompasses fests of diverse streams such as:

ARTBEAT:With the theme Gramya Kala, the Arts fest celebrates rustic beauty.
Events such as creative writing ‘Krutitva’, clay modeling ‘Karigari’, pot designing ‘Kumbhkala’, photography event ‘Darpan’ and many more will be held.An exhibition of antiques pertaining to village life will be held as part of the fest.

IMPRINTS:The Science fest which has the theme ‘revolutionizing the future’ has an emphasis on innovation, with events such as curiosity, bio – buzz, the alpha (Best Contender), model making, cerebral hack (Quiz) etc.A science exhibition showcasing the innovative working models by the students will be held as part of the fest.

SPIN-OUT: TheManagement fest ‘Samamelita’ has finance event ‘Vitta’, a marketing event ‘Vipanlkriya’, crisis management ‘Sagkata’, best manager ‘VaraManasara’ and any more.

ACME: The commerce fest hopes to renew the trends this year, with events announced on the spot that will surprise the participants and elevate the level of challenge.

ASTITVA: The Cultural Fest common to all streams will be held on January 31 and February 1, 2014. It is a distinct fest with events such as Variety Entertainment, JAM, Painting, Turn Coat and cultural events such as Classical Singing, Classical Dance (Solo and Group) which would bring all the streams together to witness a distinct cultural extravaganza.

ALOYSIAD: A sports fest at the inter-collegiate level for men and women with events such as throw ball, basketball, softball and football tournaments is scheduled to be held from January 30 to February 1, 2014 at the college grounds.

The Valedictory ceremony will be held on February 1, 2014 at 4:00 pm. Shri K GiridharShenoy(General Manager, Corporation Bank.) will be the chief guest of the function.
About the college

St Aloysius College has a history of 133years. The motto of this institution ‘Lucet et Ardet’means ‘Shine to Enkindle’. The institution has committed itself to spread the light of knowledge and wisdom by forming men and women for others who are academically accomplished, emotionally balanced and morally upright powerful source for the transformation of the society.

Aloysian Fest- 2014


Aloysian Fest- 2014


Aloysian Fest- 2014


Aloysian Fest- 2014


Aloysian Fest- 2014


Aloysian Fest- 2014

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