Thieves break into Rao & Rao Circle shop “Rajalakshmi Trading Co”. On Aug 12 at night and decamp with wires.

9:32 PM, Friday, August 13th, 2010
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Mangalore: Several thieves lifted materials from a shop at Rao & Rao Circle on Bunder Road, at night or Thursday. Rajalakshmi Trading Co, was owned by a Rajasthani in the city, named Shail Singh, and doing business since 3 years in hardware. The loot amounted top about Rs 3 lakhs, it is stated. The theft was discovered on Friday Morning when the trader opened his shop as usual.

Thieves entered the shop at dead of night with breaking the shutter locks to enter and decamped several kinds of wire products, such as copper winding wires.

They wanted to carry away a generator too, but heavy weight made it impossible for them. Thieves were in a gang, police said here.

A complaint of shop theft has been registered by Shail Singh with Bunder north Police IP Vinay Gownkar and his men visited the site, along with a dog squad. Investigation is proceeding.


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