Tiger, Wild dog, Rhea gives birth at Pilikula Biological Park

5:27 PM, Sunday, June 6th, 2021

Rheha Mangaluru : Tigress Rani gave birth to three cubs during the lockdown. The newborns are healthy and will open their eyes after 16 days, said H.Jayaprakash Bhandary, director, Pilikula Biological Park. With this, the total number of tigers touched 13.

Rani in 2019, had given birth to five cubs—Reva, Sudha, Jayarama, Sanjaya and Vijaya. Rani brought from Bannerghatta Biological Park in exchange for a male tiger from Pilikula a few years ago, A separate enclosure for five cubs in the park was constructed at Rs 15 lakh.

Meanwhile, a Dhole gave birth to seven pups recently. The Dholes were brought from Vishakhapatnam zoo. With this, the total number of dholes has increased to 33 at Pilikula, said the Director.

RaniHuliMeanwhile, the egg of Rhea was artificially incubated and a white colour chick was hatched recently.

The hatching of 20 eggs of the reticulated python is expected soon. Six eggs of ‘Nagamani’ King Cobra are being incubated. There are 19 king cobras in Pilikula Biological Park

He said that once the lockdown is lifted, a white tiger will be brought to Pilikula park from Vandalur Zoo. Talks are on to exchange birds and animals from Nandankanan Zoological Park, Odisha, Surath, and Hyderabad zoo.



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