Top 10 problems your nail can tell you!

12:15 PM, Saturday, October 12th, 2013

helthWe spend a lot of time polishing, trimming and shaping our nails, but do we take notice of the various variations or spots, which appear on them?

Changes that appears on your nails, states the condition of your overall health. Yes, it is true! We help you to read your nails, in order check your health conditions. So find out what your nails are telling you about your health.

Nail pitting : Nail pitting means a small depression in our fingernails; it is common phenomenon in people who have psoriasis. It can also be connected to tissue disorders and alopecia.

Yellowing, thickening or crumbling : People who have nails which are yellow or whitish, thick and crumbled, could be a victim of fungal infections.

Pale nails : If you nails look lifeless, then it means you have anaemia. Besides, it can also be a sign of early diabetes or liver disease.

Black line : If you notice a black discoloration vertical line, which grows from the nail bed, then it means that you need to worry about Melanoma. It usually appears on a single nail and either shows up on big toe or thumb.

Blue nails : If your nails are showing up a bluish tint, then it means that your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. The reason can be due to lung infections or some heart problems.

Clubbed nails : Nail clubbing means when the tip of your fingers enlarges and the nails curve around the fingertips. It usually takes years to form. It also occurs due to low oxygen supply in the body and indicates sign of various types of lung diseases. It is also a sign of bowel disease, cardiovascular disease and lung disease.

Brittle nails : Dry and brittle nails means you are exposing your nails to strong chemicals.

White lines : If you have white stripes on the entire nail and on more than one nail, then they are known as Muehrcke’s lines. The reason behind this problem can be kidney disease, live problems or lack of protein and other nutrients in the body.

Small red lines : Red or brownish red streaks on nails, which looks like dried blood indicates heart trouble or an ordinary injury.

Spoon nails : Spoon nails are soft nails that look hollow. Spoon nails are a sign of iron deficit or a liver problem.

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