Trade unions demand UPA Govt to control price hike

5:28 PM, Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Trade unions StriMangalore  : Various organisations under the banner of United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) staged nationwide protest in front of DC Office on Feb 20, Wednesday demanding the control of price hike immediately.

Addressing the protestors, UFBA convener B Madhava, said that 11 national labour unions including BMS, HMS, INTUC, AITUC, Naukarara Sangha, LIC workers and other will participate in the two- day strike demanding social security net for workers in the unorganized sector, end to disinvestment in PSUs and raising minimum wage to Rs 10,000.

He also said that UPA government had created such a situation for the trade unions to come down to streets to protest against its rule.

Speaking about price hike, he said that after the UPA government came into power, people have witness the price hike taking place continuously.  It is natural to increase the price of commodities which are not available, but increasing the price of rice up to Rs. 50 per kg in spite of rice and wheat costing about Rs. 6 crore is being rotten in Food Corporation of India’s go-downs is selfishness.

Trade unions StrikeEven though the Supreme Court has directed the government to distribute that rice among poor, the government is not releasing it in terms of its financial viability.

After the UPA government came into power, the petrol price has increased for 17 times. It has also decontrolled petrol and diesel and allowed the oil companies to decide its rates making it pro-corporate policy.

Criticizing the Economic expert’s statement, he said that experts stated that two day strike will cause loss of Rs. 20,000 crore to the country’s economy. If this is huge loss, then how much loss caused in 2G and Coalgate scams, he asked. The strike will not affect the countries treasure but its only loss to trade unions since their salary will be cut down, he added.

Prakash of UFOBU said that bank employees and bank unions are fighting for their rights from past two years, but the central government has kept it pending by just rendering assurance.

The government is of the corporates, by the corporates and only for the corporates, he added.

Narayan Shetty of BMS, Mohammed Rafi of HMS, H V Rao of AITUC, S N Devadiga of LIC workers un ion, Raghav of All India Bankers Association and others were present.

Trade unions  Strike

Trade unions  Strike

Trade unions  Strike

Trade unions  Strike



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