TRV submits memorandum to M.C.C on a bad approach road.

4:12 PM, Friday, September 17th, 2010

Mangalore: In a memorandum request submitted yesterday, to MCC Commissioner (Dr. Vijay Prakash) in city, the Tulunad Rakshana Vedike referred to an approach road to an ancient temple of Dattatreya, Guliga and Babbarya shrines where thousands of devotees, irrespective of their various religions, attend devotional services to the spirits and idols installed there, but the road is not walkable or smooth.

In monsoon, the roads are so bad that people who live around (about 50 families or over 250 persons) find it extremely difficult to reach homes, or to pray at the temples daily before going to work in city. The place is known as Jeppu Patna, where Hindus, Muslims and Christians live in harmony, and pay respect to these gods, the communication stated on Thursday.

It is unfortunate that the road on which thousands walk everyday is in such a bad shape, although once upon a time it was asphalted in 1996, and never renovated later on, the letter complained.
As in the case of some specific areas of Mangalore city, this road has also broken down, and pot-holes are created in many places, making it harmful for vehicles to move, especially at nights and when it rains.
An interlocking system has been made in view of popular pressure and necessity, but the interlocking is only on the middle portion and not from one side to the other, as a whole. People are unhappy about the incomplete system and a biased policy followed by MCC officials, about the work done and left out halfway, the letter added.
Vedike leaders in a delegation on Aug 6, went to DK-DCO and MCC offices and submitted an appeal to rectify the situation. Nothing was done in a response since then. The letter is signed by Jeppu Yogish Shetty and others of TRV and copies were sent to the mayor and DC of DK, it is learnt.

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