Tulu Cinema in a Boom?

9:29 PM, Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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Mangalore: The producers are lined up to break the idle back of Tulu Cinema and create more Tulu cinema of late.
The first DTS Cinema, based on a Tulu novel, ‘Dever’ a Tulu film by Sudhakar Bannanje, is in its birth pangs. We are warned not to criticize the film without seeing it (by buying a ticket in a theatre). We agree
Writer playwright Vijay Kumar Kodialbail is making ‘Oriyedori Assal!’ to be released in October. It is a long wait, but acceptable.
Several films are in a queue after that in 2010-11. Dhanraj of Koti-Chennaya fame, is likely to show Deva Poonja on the screen as a hero. Madhu Surathkal writes the screenplay, with five songs from poets like Amrut Someshwara who has written the story. Kadri Navneeth Shetty has collaborated. Trust Dhanraj to give you exciting scenes in the historic film directed by him.
Kadalamage writer Krishna Uppinakote is bringing out Preethi Panda eethene? Puttur Sampat Kumar is releasing “Bolli Bottu” shortly- wait for “Kanchilda Baale” from ‘Maari bale’ guy, Raghunath Rai.
Gurukiran (singer / music producer) will be dancing on the streets as an actor in ‘Oriyadori Assal’ and that is a big temptation to gatecrash into Jyothi Theatre at the earliest.
A film is due “Kantha bare Booda bare”, somewhat like legendary twins “Koti-Chennaya”.
Over 45 films have been made in Tulu, which may be more than the number of books or dramas made so far. Tulu cinema wave can hit you (viewers) like a Tsunami.
Vachan Shetty’s ‘Dever’ is worth looking forward to, Dr. Richard Castelino’s new film will begin shooting in January 2011. Sachin Suvarna of “Shree Moksha” is going ahead with his own Tulu baby on wide screen ‘Dever’ has simultaneous release in 3 cities on the west coast, Mangalore, Udupi and Karkala.
Tulu films do not enjoy recognition through subsidies and awards like Kannada pictures do, as 10 films a year are not produced. There is also a brand name needed for Tulu filmdom.
However, small steps taken firmly can embellish Tulu grandeur


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