Tulunada Rakshana Vedike protests against drainage problem at Mahakalipadpu

2:44 PM, Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Tulunada Rakshana VedikeMangalore: Tulunada Rakshana Vedike Kotekar, staged a protest in front of Mahakali Padpu Temple, Jeppu on December 27, Thursday condemning the failure of the MCC to provide proper drainage facility to the area.

Speaking on the occasion, Yogish Shetty Jeppu, President of the Vedike said despite Mahakalipadpu being a busy area with several houses, business establishments,schools and religious shrines, no effort has  been made to ensure good drainage facility even after KUDCEMP spent as much as Rs 350 crore for drainage in Mangalore. He also said drainage overflowed in the area leaving the place messy during monsoons.

As nearly 46 trains  passed through the railway level crossing here, every day hundreds of people including school going children are affected and find it difficult to reach their offices and  schools on time, he  said.He also threatened of severe protest if the problems were not solved.

J Ibrahim, Vedike Vice President, Hamid Hassan, Jyothika Jain and others were present.


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