Two die in wild elephant attack at Kadaba Taluk

10:01 PM, Monday, February 20th, 2023


Mangaluru: Two people lost their lives on Monday morning after being attacked by a wild elephant in Renjaladi village of Kadaba Taluk in Dakshina Kannada district.

The victims have been identified as Ranjitha (27) and Ramesh Rai (61), both residents of the area.

According to sources, Ranjitha was on her way to work at the local milk society around 7.15 am, when an elephant suddenly charged at her. Ramesh Rai, a resident of the village who was nearby, rushed to her rescue, but was also attacked by the raging elephant.

Ramesh Rai died on the spot, while Ranjitha succumbed to her injuries on the way to the hospital.

The attack has left the villagers stunned and enraged. Many of them expressed their frustration and anger towards the authorities for failing to take adequate measures despite repeated warnings about wild tuskers coming into the village.

The locals have expressed their outrage at the authorities for failing to take strict measures, despite repeated warnings of wild elephants coming into the village.

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